How to activate your McAfee LiveSafe mobile security,

How to activate your McAfee LiveSafe mobile security

How to activate your McAfee LiveSafe mobile security. You may be provoked to move up to a paid variant of McAfee Mobile Security on your Android gadget, despite the fact that you think you have just updated. This inciting can occur in the event that you have erroneously initiated a preliminary membership for McAfee Mobile Security rather than a paid membership. Pursue the means in the Solution underneath, to return to a paid membership. Get support for McAfee by expert.

Reset McAfee Mobile Security

  • Open the Android Settings application.
  • Look down to Launch as a matter of course, and tap Clear information (or Clear defaults relying upon your gadget).
  • Select Apps or Applications (contingent upon your gadget).
  • Select McAfee Mobile Security.

Resend the membership interface

  • In your internet browser, go to
  • Select Text it, or Email it, contingent upon how you need to get the actuation code.
  • Type the email address or telephone number, at that point select Text me, or Send an email.
  • Hold on to get an initiation code.
  • Tap My Account, Sign In.
  • Type your email address and secret word and after that tap Login.
  • Tap My Account, Subscriptions.
  • Tap Add Device, and afterward select the cell phone symbol.
  • Tap Send Link, select the gadget type and the membership that you need to introduce, and afterward tap Next.

Activate McAfee Mobile Security

  • Open McAfee security on your gadget.
  • Select two inquiries, give a pertinent response to every, at that point tap Save.
  • Tap Activate Uninstall Protection, tap Activate, and after that tap Finish.
  • Tap the User symbol at the upper right of the screen, and after that tap Got an initiation code.
  • Type the initiation code you got, and trust that enactment will finish.
  • When you are incited to make a six-digit PIN, type a PIN of your decision and tap OK.
  • Tap the orange hover at the upper right of the screen.
  • Tap Set your security question, and afterward type the six-digit PIN that you made.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2022