McAfee Antivirus Benefits for your System

McAfee Antivirus Benefits for your System

McAfee is a reputed antivirus in the computer world which was founded in the eighties. The antivirus is top of the market since its release. But in recent years it has loosed its grip due to the release of some other new antivirus’s. To compete with other antivirus companies, McAfee Internet Security has upgraded its features from to time and is now ready to take on the market with its extensive range of features and of course its personal firewall.

System Requirements of McAfee Antivirus Setup Installation on your System

  • Windows/iOs
  • 1 GHz processor
  • Space Requirement is a minimum of 500 MB.

When you purchased the McAfee Internet Security, you will get the CD with product code.  Now you need to just install the program and enter the product key as and when asked.  And then, you need to register the software online through your e-mail.

McAfee Internet Security activate

The Complete Protection suite offers its protection services against a wide range of viruses, spyware, malicious programs, Trojans etc. You can just depend on one of the largest virus databases.

Internet Security Services

Internet Security is an additional feature of this antivirus, to secure users from harmful websites. It will notify you every time to close the particular website which is considered as harmful and malicious. Its formidable inbuilt tools constantly analyze and locate the sites for spam or spyware.

McAfee Antivirus Personal Firewall

Normally another antivirus is dependent on the inbuilt firewall of the operating system but McAfee antivirus has its own personal firewall. Its McAfee unique features.

Effectiveness of

McAfee removes the viruses without partiality without left any traces of executable files. It is certified by West Coast Labs for virus detection and virus cleaning, and also one can pick up for malware, Trojans, and spyware.

McAfee Antivirus Scans & updates

The complete scan of your system will take approximately very less thirty minutes which is quite close to standard time. Its update time depends on the internet connectivity of your system and also user may asked to restart the system once the full scan is complete.

Ease of use

McAfee activate AntiVirus new version uses a different kind of layout to other antivirus software. The windows to navigate through are narrow and tall, with horizontal “drawer” tabs rather than tabs across the top or down the left-hand side of the screen.

This all makes it look distinctive but at times it is a little difficult to navigate. We missed its standard layout sometimes because it is generally easier to keep on track of where you are going and not get lost. However, the software is otherwise easy to use and you can use auto scan modes as well as set up your own scans.

Help & support

You can contact technical support and customer service options for any kind of problems and they satisfy you for any kind of questions you may have. We noticed that McAfee’s technical support was basically a troubleshooting base but the customer service was more extensive.

You can also read answers to FAQs and video tutorials, as well as messenger chat with customer service advisers or send an email. Both are free and the internet chat is available through office hours, Monday to Friday. You can makes call daily, during business hours.


In simpler terms, we can say that McAfee antivirus is quite easy to use. It cleans up your system without consuming your system resources. Its biggest or unique advantage is its personal firewall provide free with the antivirus.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2022