How do I recover my McAfee account?

How do I recover my McAfee account (

With the sheer number of logins and passwords that we are supposed to remember today, it’s only natural to forget one now and then. In the same vein, If you can’t log in to My Account at because you cannot remember your password or your registered email address has changed, then this article might help you to recover McAfee account by:

  • Identifying your registered email address, or
  • Reset your password

If you have forgotten your email address, then you can recover my McAfee account by following the steps below:

You would need to use the email address you initially registered with McAfee, to log onto You may find your initially registered email address by following the steps below:

  1. Open your McAfee account.
  2. Click Your Subscription or My Info.
  3. Your registered email address will be visible on the left pane, along with your subscription information.
  4. Use your email address for logging to My Account by clicking on

If you are unable to find your email address on your McAfee product, you can recover it directly from the website:

  1. Go to
  2. Please hover your mouse over the My Account tab.
  3. Click on My Account.

Finally, under the ‘Login’ button:

  • Click on the Forgot Your Email Address tab?
  • Follow all the on-screen prompts after that. You might need to get in touch with the Technical Support team to finish the remaining process.
  • As soon as you receive your email address, you would need to immediately use that address for logging in to My Account at

If you have forgotten your password, you can recover my McAfee account by resetting it by following the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Please hover your mouse above the My Account.
  3. Click on the My Account tab.

Under the Login button:

  • Click on the Forgot Your Password tab.
  • Enter your initially registered email address.
  • Click on Send Email.
  • Check whether you receive an email containing the subject line: ‘Reset your McAfee password’.
  • Follow that link for resetting the password then you can recover your McAfee account using that.

Pay Attention:

  • The link to reset your password expires immediately after 72 hours, so make sure to click on it before then. Else, you might need to repeat the process.
  • If you do not find the recovery email in your primary inbox, check your Spam folder.
  • When you move the email from the Spam folder, any link in that email might remain dysfunctional by your email app. To correct that:
  • Ensure that is on your safe senders’ list to prevent McAfee emails from going straight to the Spam folder.
  • For getting a new email, repeat the entire Reset your password process from there.
  • Click on the link in the new email that you receive for resetting your password.

If you no longer have any access to your pre-registered mail address

If you cannot access your old email address any longer, get in touch with the McAfee Customer Service team and immediately inform them about your issue so that you can recover your McAfee account.

You can still find your account through your old email address; therefore, you should have it handy. McAfee’s Technical Team can update your McAfee account with an email address of your choice.

For Your Information

  • All passwords generated for were rendered case sensitive after April 30, 2017. Before this date, however, upper and lower case characters in McAfee account login passwords made no difference.
  • From May 1, 2017, onwards, all McAfee passwords became case-sensitive. This change meant you would need to type in your password with the same character case while logging in as you did during initial registration.

If you cannot recall your password’s exact case, you would need to reset it using the Reset your password guide mentioned above.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2022