What is McAfee Safe Connect VPN?

What Is McAfee Safe Connect VPN and What Are Its Benefits?

McAfee Safe Connect is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that enables you to:

  • Protect your identity and privacy
  • Access any blocked websites in your region
  • Browse the internet in your location anonymously.

McAfee Safe Connect connects you to the web via a VPN to enable certain security features on your Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Note: The network data which travels via a VPN is encrypted. Meanwhile, Safe Connect utilizes AES 256-bit encryption by default. Such an encryption type protects your data by not allowing anyone else from reading it.

What advantages do VPNs provide?

VPNs, like Safe Connect, do not lend you anonymity on the internet, but they can significantly enhance your privacy. Businesses routinely use VPNs for protecting sensitive data. VPNs also allow their employees to securely connect to their work networks from home or from anywhere else. Private VPNs, like McAfee Safe Connect, have become steadily preferable for accessing the internet at home.

Ideally, it would help if you used a VPN every time you need privacy and protection whenever surfing the internet:

  • Privacy: The VPN can replace your device’s IP address with a completely different IP address, thus concealing your physical location.
  • Protection: The VPN can essentially encrypt your data while you browse through the internet. Such encryption ensures that third parties are unable to read your communications.

Safe Connect changes your device’s IP address so that you look like you’re accessing the net from a place apart from your actual location. For instance, even if you are accessing the net from Texas in the U.S.A, Safe Connect can make it seem like you connect from another place, such as Paris in France.

What benefits can you get from McAfee Safe Connect VPN?

As mentioned before, McAfee Safe Connect VPN utilizes bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption for keeping your browsing history and online activities at home or while out on the road. Although convenient, using public Wi-Fi can put your vulnerable data (like your actual location, bank account details and credit card data) at risk of exposure to suspicious persons.

Just as how a firewall protects the data on your computer, a VPN protects your activity by encrypting (or scrambling) your information when you connect to the internet from a remote or public location so you can hide your IP address and online activity.

How many devices can you connect with McAfee Safe Connect VPN?

McAfee Safe Connect VPN can connect a maximum of five devices to the. It is compatible with Chrome OS, Windows, iOS as well as Android devices. But, McAfee Safe Connect’s free version only supports a single device, limited to a monthly data of 250MB.

What are McAfee Safe Connect’s system requirements?

McAfee Safe Connect is compatible with iOS 10.0 or later, Android 4.4 or higher, Chrome OS, and Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 (32- and 64-bit)

Is McAfee Safe Connect an antivirus product?

McAfee Safe Connect is not an antivirus product. It does not protect and scan your devices from malware and viruses. For antivirus protection, you can alternatively consider installing one of McAfee’s other products, like LiveSafe or Total Protection.

Does McAfee Safe Connect stop internet browsers or other apps from logging in? What should you do?

A VPN does not stop your device’s other applications from working as intended. For instance:

  • Your internet browser will continue to track your browsing activities, and stores cached data when McAfee Safe Connect is on.
  • Your device’s file sharing applications continue to log connections as files are uploaded or downloaded.

NOTE: You can stop your browser from capturing this type of data by switching to a secretive ‘incognito mode.

Why should you install McAfee Safe Connect?

If you utilize public Wi-Fi for your device in places like airports and coffee shops, you stand vulnerable to several threats like password ‘cracking’ and ‘middlemen’ attacks. Hackers employ such attacks to ‘tune in’ to all the connections made to a public Wi-Fi source. They try to pinch off your private data. Private data includes sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details and bank details.

For plugging such theft right from the source, McAfee Safe Connect encrypts all your virtual data for making it cyber-attack proof. This security measure could translate to cybercriminals inability at tracking your online activity or capture your private information.

Which devices can McAfee Safe Connect support?

  • Android
    • Devices running Android 4.4 and later
    • The device must not have root access.
  • iOS
    • Devices running iOS 9.0 and later
    • The device must not have a jailbreaking facility.
  • Windows
    • Windows 8.x, 10.x

McAfee VPN products’ Virtual Locations enable you to access geo-restricted information.

McAfee VPN products come with:

  • For iOS, Windows, and Android: McAfee Safe Connect.
  • In McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe: McAfee VPN.
  • McAfee Wi-Fi Guard: McAfee Mobile Security for iOS and Android
  • McAfee Security – the new privacy and security app from McAfee

For instance, depending on your geographical location, the accessibility of country A’s contentmay differ in Country B. However, with McAfee’s VPN products, you can conceal your virtual location to appear as if you are operating your device in Country A. Thus, you can now access the website you previously could not view.

NOTE: Content access via VPNs has certain exceptions. To know more about this, visit TS102778 – Safe Connect, and other McAfee VPNs might block access to certain websites or apps.

For changing your Virtual Location, follow the steps provided:

  1. Open your McAfee VPN app.
  2. Click on or tap onto the ‘Virtual Location’ drop-down menu list present at the screen’s top.
  3. Choose the country that you want to use as your new Virtual Location.

Make a note of the following:

  • Hong Kong is unavailable since July 2020 from the list of all preferable virtual locations. For further information, visit TS103064 – The Hong Kong server’s removal from McAfee VPN products.
  • You can choose a Virtual Location of your choice, “other McAfee VPN products, ” but you might not see them on the background map in some instances.
  • McAfee Safe Connect exclusive: You can switch among multiple virtual regions only if you hold a premium McAfee Safe Connect account. On the other hand, if you use the free tier, you can only connect to the Fastest Location. The Fastest Location is usually the Safe Connect VPN server nearest to your actual location.

Last Updated on February 1, 2022