What is McAfee Gaming Security?

What is McAfee Gaming Security?

McAfee Gaming Security shields your PC from malware while enhancing system performance, enabling a more engaging and protected gaming experience. McAfee Gamer Security has developed keeping the gamer in mind. It utilizes a combination of expertise that McAfee boasts of via security technology and optimizing systemic resources.

Here, this article answers some of the questions you might have about McAfee Gamer Security.

Why should you use McAfee Gamer Security?

PC gamers identified performance as the most crucial factor for online gaming. McAfee also discovered that consumers are likely to turn away conventional antivirus products because of hindrances during gaming. However, turning your antivirus product ‘off’ can make your PC vulnerable to cyber attacks. To further address this problem in-depth, McAfee developed Gamer Security. It is a lightweight, low resource and small footprint security product automatically boosting and optimizing GPU, RAM and CPU while offering class-leading protection services.

How is McAfee Gamer Security different from similar products?

McAfee Gamer Security is light antivirus software. It shields your device from cyber threats while releasing system resources for unperturbed gaming performance. As soon as you launch a recognized game on your device, your pre-installed McAfee Gaming Security antivirus will automatically detect it is running. Consequently, it will optimize your PC resources and provides additional essential features, like:

  • Auto Game Boost: This feature encapsulates automatic resource optimization like CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. and improved networking to provide a better gaming experience. It also offers choices to plug notifications and pop-up messages for limiting interruptions during your whole gaming experience.
  • Monitor all your past gaming sessions: This feature displays your system’s consumption trends for all past gaming sessions. By reviewing your past gaming sessions, you can further optimize systems for the best possible gaming experience.
  • Gamer-centric interface: The interface boasts of an easy-to-use dashboard that provides your system’s status, including system monitoring and options to prioritize performance.
  • Minimal resource footprint: Gamer Security antivirus uses fewer system resources and provides foolproof protection. You can even stop notifications from the security features during gameplay for strengthening performance.

How can you set up McAfee Gamer Security to protect your PC?

For downloading and installing McAfee Gamer Security:

  1. Visit home.mcafee.com for downloading McAfee Gamer Security Installer from your McAfee My Account.
  2. Click on the ‘McAfee Setup’ file after the download process is complete.
  3. Thoroughly read the License Agreement and Privacy Notice, and finally, click on ‘Install’. Wait for the process of installation to complete.
  4. Foe enabling threat protection as well as boosting your game’s performance, click on-Launch Gamer Security.
  5. Finally, start your device.

NOTE: If you experience an interruption during the McAfee Gamer Security installation process, the installer will flash a warning signal with the appropriate missing requirement.

Follow the step-by-step installation instructions as mentioned by the installer for setting up all requirements.

How can you uninstall McAfee Gamer Security from your device?

For detailed information on uninstalling McAfee products from your device, visit TS101331. To know more about how to uninstall McAfee Antivirus?

How to troubleshoot issues for McAfee Gaming Security?


You detect an interruption or error while installing McAfee Gamer Security, for instance:

  • The McAfee Gamer Security installation process aborts after an error message appears on the screen.
  • McAfee Gamer Security prompts you to type in the serial number manually.


The causes for the installation mentioned above interruptions are:

  1. Your PC does not have the minimum system requirements:
  2. The McAfee setup software runs a Pre-Check script to verify whether your PC has the necessary components for downloading software. The McAfee Gamer Security Installer displays a warning message if your system does not meet the standard requirements.
  3. After downloading your software, the McAfee Gamer Security Installer will flash a warning message. This message would indicate an interruption is arising from software congestion or incompatibility.
  4. The McAfee Gamer Security product failed to retrieve your serial number automatically.

Identify your serial number.

By default, once you download McAfee Gamer Security from your McAfee account, you don’t need to add the serial number manually. If the McAfee product prompts you to add the serial number, follow the steps manually:

  1. Go to the McAfee product portal and sign in to My Account.
  2. Click on the ‘Download’ tab after navigating to the product download page.
  3. A page initiating the installation process opens up.
  4. Copy and enter your serial number for activating your McAfee Gamer Security account.

Installation error

Firstly, read the warning message that appears along with the Warning icon, and then take the steps as shown.

“Two (or more) installers are running”: Close all installer instances if an installer is already running. Ensure that only an individual installer is running before you continue.

Installation of McAfee Gamer Security if it is pre-installed on your device.

McAfee Incompatible Products McAfee Enterprise Product: A different McAfee Enterprise application protects you. McAfee Gamer Security cannot get installed because you are already covered.

McAfee Consumer Product: For installing the McAfee Gamer Security, you would have to uninstall your previously pre-installed McAfee product. For detailed information, visit TS101331 – How to remove McAfee products from a PC that runs Windows.

Uninstalling McAfee Software leftovers:

Numerous registry entries and files are created on the system whenever you install new software for the device’s smooth working. Often, after uninstalling your previous McAfee software, specific files remain stored on your PC’s hard drive as ‘remainders’.

Thus, you would have to clean up your device before installing a new McAfee product. You can run the McAfee Product Removal tool for removing your PC’s leftovers. For detailed information, read step 2 in TS101331 – How to remove McAfee products from a PC that runs Windows. (This step is “Download and runs the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR)”.)

Last Updated on February 1, 2022