How to screenshot on windows?

There are several ways to screenshot on windows. Taking a screenshot is quite simple and easy. You can capture the whole windows screen or a part of it; you may also take screenshot in free shapes. With the latest Gamebar, you will be able to take a screenshot while gaming as well. 

You can take a screenshot with a simple combination of keys and even just by clicking on the Print screen button. Depending upon your need, you can select the best way to take a screenshot on windows 10.

What are the different ways to take a screenshot on windows 10?

Here we will cover all simple ways to take a screenshot using the built-in Windows tool.

Print Screen

This is the easiest and most used way to take a screenshot. You simply need to press the Print Screen button on your keyboard to take the screenshot of entire windows, sometimes also labelled as PRTSc. When you take a screenshot using the print screen button, the file is not saved. Instead, it is copied to the clipboard, and you have to open any program like Microsoft Paint and paste it there to edit it further or save it. To open paint, type paint in the windows search box or press windows key + R and type mspaint and click ok. To keep the screenshot, press “Ctrl + V” or select Save from the File menu at the left-hand side top.

Important: If your keyboard does not have a PrntScrn key, press Fn+Insert.

Alt + Print Screen

PrintScreen will only take a screenshot of the active window. Alt + Print Screen combination is used when you have multiple display monitors connected to your computer or laptop. Pressing the Print screen on multiple display monitor computers will take a screenshot of all windows. While Alt + PrintScreen will only take a screenshot of the active monitor. The file is not automatically saved and is copied to the clipboard. You have to save the file manually to any program like paint or Microsoft word.

Windows key + Print Screen

This is another easy way to screenshot windows. Pressing these key combinations will not only take the screenshot of windows but also will save it. To view the saved file, you have to go to Pictures > Screenshot folder.

Windows key + Print Screen

Snipping tool

The snipping tool has been part of Microsoft Windows for a long time. It was originally introduced in 2002 as a part of Microsoft tablet PC. The best part of the tool is the ability to select all screen areas or a section of it you want to screenshot. In addition, you can choose different options from the Mode tab like Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Windows snip, and Full-screen snip. 

Snipping tool
  • To open the snipping tool, press Window key and then type the snipping tool and select from the result.
  • To take a screenshot, press New and select the area of screenshot you want to take using mouse. The screen will freeze and allow you to choose the screen area. 
  • Select the capture Mode by pressing the Mode button at the top or CTRL+M and then select Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Windows snip or Full-screen snip as per your requirement.
  • Once the screenshot is taken Snipping tool allows you to directly save the file without pasting it to any other program. Press CTRL+S and select the location to save the file.
  • You can also click on the Copy button at the top to copy it in the clipboard and then paste it into the desired program.
  • After taking the screenshot, you can mark by pen or highlight the important part using the pen button at the top. 

How to screenshot on windows using Game bar?

This option comes with almost all windows system and it’s really easy to use. Following are the steps to use it.

  1. To open the GameBar in Windows 10, press Windows Key + G., You should see an overlay bar while playing a game or taking a screenshot, as shown in the above image. You can take screenshot or record video while playing the game. By default, the screenshot file saves in Videos >Capture, but you can change the locations by typing Setting in windows search. 

    How to screenshot on windows using Game bar?

  2. Then select Gaming

    Then select Gaming

  3. Then select Capture

    Then select Capture

  4. Then select “Open folder’. 

    Then select Open folder

  5. Select the desired location and save the file.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2022