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Here in this article, you will get crucial information for reaching McAfee Customer Support services, primarily through the McAfee customer support number. McAfee lends you safe internet browsing, premium antivirus protection software, password protection, VPN and much more! Moreover, if you sign up today, you will get your free trial version of award-winning Antivirus McAfee Total Protection across multiple devices. Make sure that you read throughout the end to access quick information on common McAfee technical problems and contact information for McAfee Consumer Support. 

McAfee customer service top solutions

  1. Installation incomplete: McAfee Software fault on a Windows platform
  2. How to uninstall McAfee products from a Personal Computer that runs on a Windows platform
  3. Activating a McAfee product subscription using a McAfee retail card
  4. Removing McAfee Central and Personal Locker 
  5. Cancelling or changing your McAfee subscriptions’ Auto-Renewal. 

How to install and download McAfee consumer products?

McAfee customer service support

Support Self-Diagnosis 

Allow us to guide you briefly through all forms of digital protection with online recommendations and tools. This guide can come in handy for you if:

  • You wish to install a McAfee security software on your Mac or PC.
  • You want to install a McAfee security application on your iOS or Android device.

However if issues persist, you can call the McAfee customer service number

How to install a McAfee consumer product?

NOTE: If you cannot install your McAfee product even after following this article’s advice, contact Technical Support

Firstly, he installment methods for McAfee customer products, such as Total Protection or LiveSafe, vary from product to product as well as the device onto which you are going to install it. Secondly, follow all the instructions and recommendations provided below for downloading and installing a McAfee consumer security software onto your device.

On what device do you want to install?

  • Download and install to Mac or PC 
  • Download and install to your Android device
  • Redeem your McAfee retail card for activating your subscription
  • Downloading and installing to your iOS platform

Finally, for clearing your queries on any other related information, call the McAfee Customer Service Number

Minimum System Recommendations

If you are experiencing McAfee scan or installation issues, review McAfee’s minimum system recommendations. Ensure that your device fulfills all of those requirements so that you can enjoy a seamless product installation experience.

Consumer Pre-Installation Tool

Consumer Pre-Installation Tool

If your installation is incomplete on your Windows device for some reason, try to use McAfee’s Pre-Install Tool for resolving your issue. This tool gets your PC ready for installation. For learning to download as well as run the Pre-Install tool, follow the steps given below:

  1. First, download the Pre-Install Tool. Save the recently downloaded file to a temporary location, like on your desktop.
  2. Double-click on the Pre-Install_Tool.exe, and do as the prompts direct you.
  3. Read through the warning message thoroughly, and then click on OK upon agreeing to all the changes.
  4. After the downloading part of the Preinstall Tool is done:
    1. Firstly, click on OK.
    2. Then, click on Close.
    3. Finally, reboot your computer see if the file runs.
  5. Try installing your product once again.

If even after following the steps as mentioned above, you cannot install your desired McAfee product, call the McAfee customer service number

Preparing a Windows PC for installing McAfee security systems

So long as your PC is running on an updated version of Windows and it meets the minimum standard requirements for the same, your installation process should be seamless and stress-free.

If, on the other hand, you do encounter a problem while installing your McAfee software on Windows, follow the steps mentioned below one after another and then re-install your software. In between those steps, you might want to consider restarting your PC. So, we recommend that you favorite or bookmark this article for quick reference every time. If McAfee issue persist, however, call the McAfee customer service number

Preparing your PC for installation

First, complete steps 1 and 2, and then try installing your McAfee product:

Step 1: Ensure that your Windows software up to date.

Step 2: Uninstall all pre-existing security products from your system.

If your problem persists, either call the McAfee Customer Service Support Number, or perform the steps given below: 

Steps 1 and 2 generally remove all problems that arise while preparing your PC for the installation of a McAfee software. However, if your issue persists even after steps 1 and 2, carry on with steps 3 and 4, as given below:

Step 3: Firstly, download and install the McAfee Pre-Install Tool

Step 4: Secondly, run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) 

Related Info:

The optional steps given below, ensure a smooth McAfee product installation:

  • Disable ad-blockers or pop-ups temporarily. 
  • Temporarily disable your browser’s pop-up blocker, so that it does not interfere in the installation process.
  • For disabling your pop-up blocker temporarily, search in the Options or Settings menu of your browser. Remember to re-enable it once more as soon as your installation completes.

Run Windows Disk Defragmenter

Defragmenting your local hard drives makes the performance better.

NOTE: If in place of a mechanical (spinning) hard drive, you have a Solid-State Disk (SSD, you do not require a defragmenter.

To run the defragmenter:

Click on the “Start” button on the lower left of the taskbar.

Type “defragment” in the search box, and then press Enter.

  • On Windows version 8.x and 10.x: Click on “Defragment and Optimize Drives”.
  • On Windows version  7.x: Click on “Disk Defragmenter”.

The steps, as mentioned above, should resolve all your McAfee installation issues. If they persist, however, call the McAfee customer service number

McAfee Customer Service Support Number

As cyber-security’s leaders for 30 years in our row, it is our responsibility at McAfee to utilize our expertise for your McAfee antivirus benefit. For any queries related to McAfee products, feel free to contact us by calling on McAfee Customer Service number.

We remain dedicated to your total satisfaction. Talk to one of our technical support or customer service agents for resolving all your issues today. We are happy to help you whenever we can!

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